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    -README- Rules and Regulations -README-

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    -README- Rules and Regulations -README-

    Post by EiLi4 on Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:31 pm

    This forum is made for a reason that we could hang out and talk to each other whenever we want and discuss stuff.
    Please read the rules to Avoid getting in trouble

    - NO Swearing , Cursing
    If Ignored will result in a ban.

    -DO NOT Spam the forum
    All Useless posts will be deleted

    - Users Are free to talk to each other about certain topics , As long as it's appropriate
    Example : Who is your favorite singer?

    - Users Are not allowed to send hate messages to each other.
    If suspected please leave a message with proof of the User.

    - No begging for ranks.

    Rules Will Get Updated over Time.

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